Why Choose a Plan Member

You plan to fail if you fail to plan. Your mortgage is probably going to be the biggest expense that you will ever have, so you need to make well-informed decisions. Who will you entrust your financial future to? A web site? A lender with only their own product? Perhaps a franchise operator?

  • Wide range of loans from the top lending institutions
  • Experienced, accredited advisors
  • Professional advice
  • Custom solutions

But what if you could be advised by someone who has years of experience in the mortgage business and has earned it? What if this person has met stringent accreditation requirements, could recommend and choose a loan that suited your needs and could help plan your financial future?

You would then be thinking about an accredited PLAN member. It makes sense to use an expert, a professional.

Every PLAN member is accredited, experienced and is committed to providing a mortgage solution designed specifically for you. PLAN members are able to give you the benefit of choosing from a wide range of loans from the top lending institutions in Australia. With PLAN’s unique software, a custom designed mortgage can be at your fingertips.


We the Members of the Professional Lenders Association Network of Australia Pty Ltd (‘PLAN Australia’) set out this Code of Ethics outlining the minimum ethical standards to be maintained. By adhering to the Code of Ethics we believe that we will:

  • Safeguard the reputation and standing of PLAN Australia and its Members;
  • Provide consumers with a high level of confidence and trust in the mortgage broking industry, and thereby;
  • Raise the profile and business of all Australian mortgage brokers.

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