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Real Estate & Property Expert

Matt Nylander is a talented property strategist. His primary focus is on negotiation and sales for both sellers and buyers. He is the go-to guy for everything real estate, from customers eyeing their first home purchase to multi-million dollar palatial homes, as well as those who are looking to expand their investment portfolios.

Matt has been in the real estate industry for 10 years now and has spent about 16 years in sales to date. He has an exceptional reputation for premium results, sales strategy and customer service. His specialty lies in higher-end properties but also has vast experience in house and land packages/off the plan sales. He has dealt with investors, assisted in strategic purchasing, and has a vast knowledge of developing and subdivisions.

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A Limitless Resource

Mr Nylander is, without a doubt, well versed in all facets of real estate. He has dedicated his extensive career learning and honing his skills in various areas.

Matt has not placed a limit into his avenue, striving to improve his knowledge, give expert advice, and offer reliable performance on all occasions. These qualities make him a trusted professional, which is why his customers choose him to build an ongoing relationship with and to refer their family and friends.

Clients can call him and speak of investing, developing, buying for the first time, building, or buying a multimillion-dollar home. Given his broad knowledge and unbiased views, he can give excellent recommendations which may make or save thousands.

Passion and Dedication over Money

"If you do the right thing every time, regardless of the outcome, you will be successful. It's called integrity"

It is as simple as it sounds.

For Matt, the most important of all is to do the right thing every time. Earnings are part of the equation. But they are merely a by-product of doing the right thing. Success, on the other hand, is the by-product of people trusting you. And trust is the most vital ingredient towards long term success in the industry.

He enjoys working with higher-end properties and investors. While real estate was not where he started, what drew him towards the industry was his genuine passion for it.

As a negotiator or buyers agent, he works on someone else's behalf and builds a compelling case supported with data to best position the buyer to purchase the property they want at the right price.

Dealing with investors is more about a strategy and return on investment (ROI). But, negotiation is an art. There is no perfect way to do it because it all boils down to skill, reading the play and understanding what the client wants to achieve at a higher level.

Real estate, although logical, can be highly emotional. It is Matt's job to meet these emotions, not just for the seller but the buyer as well. The discussion revolves around how both parties feel regarding the sale, along with their motivation and circumstance. It is where negotiation becomes a critical part of the transaction.

A Business Built Wholly on Trust and Credibility

Matt takes a lot of pride in referrals and repeat business. In fact, for much of his career, he has built his business solely on the basis. To achieve this you require a few key ingredients. These are; trust, customer service, but importantly, consistent results.

Negotiation is a tricky business. It applies to both sides of the fence, meaning Matt can represent the seller and negotiate with the buyer and vice versa. When selling, he understands that the sellers want to get the maximum dollar for their property. This is where a good sales strategy and an exceptional negotiator is imperative. When representing a buyer, it comes down to understanding the desired outcomes of the buyer and then exceeding them.

Because of trust, Matt has a number of clients who were first-home buyers-turned-investors. There is mutual trust and respect built with the overall transaction. Growing and progressing with customers is indeed a wonderful feeling. With sellers and buyers satisfied with the results, referrals, positive reviews, and good credibility just come easy when you employ the ‘do the right thing every time’ philosophy.

Working with Other People

Matt believes that the people working with him need to have their goals and ethics aligned with his own. He is careful in choosing who surrounds him and ensures they are customer-centric with their views and operating procedures.

He takes his responsibility of assisting people, namely his clients, seriously. In order for him to provide the best service, he has to select skilled people who will work with him who also understand his duties.

Credentials, Awards, and Qualifications

Matt laments the lack of high standards in the industry. The hidden fact in real estate is that with little input and credential, anyone can be a part of it. From a worker's standpoint, it means a great opportunity. However, from a consumer’s perspective, this allows for a figurative minefield of under-skilled big talkers. It is important to do your research on your agent and ask a lot of questions when interviewing the agent that will represent what is, in most cases, your biggest asset. In the eternal words of Red Adair “You think it’s expensive to hire a professional, just wait until you hire an amateur.”

In terms of on-paper qualifications, Matt has marketing certifications and experience in both marketing and management.

Here is a quick overview of his impressive work experience:

  • He was in the car industry for six years
  • He very quickly rose up the ranks to the youngest ever sales manager at the age of 22 at a dealership where he ran a $30 million+ turnover department and trained & led 10 salespeople.
  • Then he moved on to become the General Sales Manager of a yard and was shortlisted for selection as a Dealer Principal within a prominent motor group before making the shift to property.

In real estate, he has already worked for three different employers. Here is a look at some of his accomplishments:

  • He worked at Peard Real Estate where he won the Director's Award in the first year, which is effectively rookie of the year.
  • He was also ranked in the top five rookies in Western Australia, which included over 1000 people. Those who outranked him were land agents, but he was the only established residential salesperson on the list.
  • When he worked with Sell Lease Property Group, he achieved the #1 salesperson out of around 120 salespeople at the time.
  • He then joined Realty Lane, one of the top boutique agencies in Western Australia where he is consistently dubbed the second-highest representative, second only to Daniel Gonzalez (consistently in the top 3 sales agents in WA)

As the competition gets tougher, Matt is dedicated to continuing to hone his craft and continue to deliver the highest results to his clients.  Trust and integrity are among the highest priorities. With these priorities, it will ensure longevity in a notoriously transient industry.

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