At Quantum Finance Australia, we have more than a decade and a half experience
brokering on behalf of our clients to secure the most suitable  short-term financing packages.

While we can negotiate flexible loans as well as long-term financing,
many of our clients find that a loan with a shorter term is ideal for their specific situation.

What is Short Term Lending?

At Quantum Finance, we define a short-term loan as
a loan repayable by instalments in a period less than 24 months.
However, because we are not beholden to large corporate banks, big lending institutions, and
strict regulations, our clients have the option of applying for extensions to the initial loan period.

Applications for Short Term Lending?

A short-term financing package can be a good option in a wide variety of situations. These include but are not limited:

  • Immediate and unexpected business opportunities where the cost of missing out is higher than that of the loan.
  • Covering unforeseen expenses such as paying fees to release a shipment from the port, repairing or replacing problematic equipment, or replacing inventory
  • Increase your available cash assets to take advantage of discounts for early payments
  • To save money on the costs associated with credit card rates or overdraft fees
  • To cover a gap caused by late payments or shipments
  • If you experience an emergency where you need immediate access to financing
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Is Short Term Lending
suitable for me?

While no two situations will have identical circumstances, at Quantum Finance we suggest that our clients consider the following:

  • The minimum and the maximum amount of money you will need so you can remedy your situation
  • The property can you offer as collateral as well as the amount of equity in the land.
  • Look at the optimal length of the loan, as we can offer terms as short as several months or longer than 24 months depending on your needs
  • The repayment schedule needs careful thought because you do not want to deplete your resources paying back your loan
  • A timeline of your potential business profits if this is how you will repay the loan
  • An exit plan for repayment if you are planning on using another source besides your business profits to pay the loan

The Quantum Finance Australia advantage

Because we facilitate privately funded financing, Quantum Finance can access loan options
that are not standard for a bank or large lending company.
This ability sets us apart and enables us to provide unique opportunities for financing. These include:

  • Low doc short-term finance
  • Non-conforming short-term loans
  • Short-term loans for recovering credit

Low Doc Short Term Lending

The term ‘low doc loan’ stands for low documentation loan.
Quantum Finance Australia offers short-term low doc loans to borrowers who do not have the customary papers for a loan.
Often these clients are self-employed, must self-certify their income, or are investors without a PAYG income.
Banks see these circumstances as insurmountable and immediately disqualify these borrowers.

Non-Confirming vs. Low Doc Loans

Our low doc loans and non-conforming loans both provide clients with the financing they need despite extenuating circumstances. However, a non-conforming loan differs from a low doc loan in that it does not match a bank’s customary regulations for funding. There are a few different reasons a loan could be considered non-conforming.

  • The requested amount of financing exceeds the loan limit
  • Borrowers’ have a lack of sufficient credit or have a poor credit history
  • The type of collateral backing the loan
  • The proposed use for the investment is seen, by the bank, to be unorthodox
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Why Should I choose Quantum Finance Australia for my Short-Term Loan?

Quantum Finance Australia offers our clients the leverage and confidence that comes from a decade and a half worth of experience in the private funding arena. Our associates are well versed in facilitating financing and can assist you in choosing the finance package that suits your needs. Additionally, Quantum Finance offers you:

  • Customisable loan terms
  • A fast turn-around time
  • Affordable options for clients with recovering credit

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