Dawn Brown

Profile Pic of Dawn Brown who works for Quantum Finance

Dawn has 13+ years of experience in the finance industry. Her specialty is completing residential lending processes with either small or large lending requirements.

Dawn’s Responsibilities in Banking Included:

  • Customer service
  • Creating loans that are either personal or home-related
  • Working with applications and credit assessments
  • Served as a coach for lending
  • Was heavily involved with branch management

In 2015, Dawn progressed to become a Personal Assistant for Mortgage Brokers. She continues in this role today.

Dawn has a wealth of knowledge in cash management, going over sales reports, assisting staff members in finding the best appointment times, obtaining and using prior knowledge from control to work with finance divisions, training new employees, working with different kinds of software, and creating instructions for new workers.

Overview of Education and Awards:

Dawn has been able to obtain several awards. These included:

  • A Certificate in Mortgage Broking with Kaplan Professional in 2016
  • Certificates from Westpac and other financial institutions over many years

For consumers that need someone to lend a hand and steer their way through some of the more complicated aspects of finances, Dawn has become the go-to person. Dawn keeps her existing clients happy, while also bringing in new faces to the company. Dawn is a huge part of Quantum Finance Australia’s outstanding success in the industry.

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