Quantum Finance Australia Chooses to Partner With PLAN

As Professional Lenders Association Network of Australia members, we at Quantum Finance follow an ethical code, which defines the standards of care that we are committed to upholding. Our professionals' adherence to these rules gives us the confidence that we will accomplish these critical objectives:

  • Uphold the good standing and reputation of PLAN Australia and all other members.
  • Build a culture of trust for brokers among Australian consumers.
  • Maintain the positive reputation of mortgage brokers and uphold their primary role as advocates for consumers.

What is PLAN Member?

PLAN members take their positions seriously and know that their duties include significant responsibilities.

These are their top goals:


In all forms of communication, PLAN members strive to maintain their integrity by being honest. This means that they use honest wording and visual representations in advertising. They are conscientious about keeping honesty in all verbal and written correspondence. Also, their reliability extends to their commission structure. With this goal, PLAN members show that they have the best interests of the customers and financial institutions in mind.


The mortgage industry has many precise laws and compliance regulations. PLAN members stay current with any changes, proposed changes and new laws. From commission transparency to advising, there are standards that must be followed in every step.


The confidentiality laws and regulations protect home buyers, sellers and financial institutions. PLAN members are careful to uphold confidentiality in all correspondence and treat sensitive information with care, whether it is stored in the office or electronically.


A common ethical consideration is a conflict of interest. If dealing with another party or organisation is not in the best interest of the customer, a PLAN member eliminates the conflict of interest by choosing one party or not working with either party. When applicable, the PLAN member will advise the customer of any potential conflicts of interest while protecting confidential information.

View the PLAN privacy policies here.

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