Australia's Most Popular Home Loan

The most popular home loan across Australia is the standard variable rate home loan. These loans offer great flexibility and come with various features to choose including a redraw option, lump sum repayments without penalties, 100% offset facility.

Because of its latitude, the standard variable rate loan tends to work well for anyone needing a home loan.

Family and Friends at a country home in Australia

Pros of a Standard Variable Rate Home Loan

  • Virtually every lender offers this type of loan, so you will have many lenders from which to choose.
  • You can make extra repayments
  • The loans are inherently flexible
  • Many available features
  • If the variable rate lowers your repayment amount decreases

Cons of a Standard Variable Rate Home Loan

  • Interest rates are usually a little higher than basic variable rate loans because of the features included
  • The variable rate can adjust up raising your repayment amount

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