Commercial loans (business-related loans) - A strong business sector helps create healthy communities.

At Quantum Finance Australia, we know firsthand the impact that successful businesses of all sizes make on a local, regional, nationwide, and global scale.
We are incredibly proud of our beginnings as well as of the beginnings of the businesses we helped foster with our financial brokering.

To facilitate continued growth in our part of the world, Quantum Finance’s experienced associates will work
to help you attain the funding you need quickly and at the most achievable rate possible.
We believe in the ripple effect; today's actions impact growth in the future.
We also feel strengthening businesses is in everyone’s best interest.

Why is it more difficult to secure a
business loan now than it was several years ago?

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) enacted numerous restrictions
and regulations governing how much a bank or major lending institution may approve, based on narrow perimeters.
Banks responded by tightening available credit to consumers and businesses.
This action forced many potential borrowers to look elsewhere for the financing they sought.

Why is Quantum Finance a better choice for me than a bank?

While a bank is often the first place, business owners think of when they need additional funding,
banks and other big lending institutions can be challenging and frustrating.
This is especially true for owners of businesses who do not fit inside the narrow perimeters most banks and big lenders deem necessary.

For those borrowers who fit within the constraints created by the banking industry, the battle is only partially complete.
The extended assessment and settlement time also makes large financial institutions prohibitive
for many companies, especially small and medium-sized businesses.

Quick Turn Around and Researched Options

The mounting frustrations and regulations associated with large lenders make Quantum Finance Australia an excellent choice for so many, and why our clients give us overwhelmingly positive reviews and repeat opportunities to facilitate financing. As a private facilitator of your funding, we use our decade and a half experience to create a financial package that will meet your needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. Quantum Finance offers you several advantages that banks cannot.

  • 48 hours turnaround time for legal documents after signatures
  • Customised loans
  • Flexible credit policy
  • Rollover abilities if needed
  • Same day assessments
  • Settlement of loans within 48 hours after signing legal docs
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What range of funding is available to me?

The general range of funding is between $100,000 and $4 million for a small to medium-sized business.
However, this is an estimated amount. Our associates can give you a specific amount based on your unique situation.

How long will I wait for the funds?

Quantum Finance Australia will move quickly to get you the money that you need. Typically, our clients have their cash within a few days, after filing the paperwork.

Will you finance equipment for my business?

Upgrades and enhancements are an essential part of any business’ success.
While we won’t drop in with new computers or a delivery van, Quantum Finance can
tailor a finance package that will give you the ability to purchase what is necessary for
your company to keep pace with and move ahead of your competitors.

What criteria do you use to
determine approval of Financing?

You will find that Quantum Finance Australia makes finding your funding much more comfortable than your typical financial institution.
Aside from the obvious personal identification information, we require a few key pieces of information before your approval for financing.

  • The location and kind of property you have as security. We welcome commercial, residential, or industrial holdings as well as raw land.
  • Your preferred length of time for the loan
  • The purpose for your loan
  • What loan-to-value ratio are you looking to obtain? Here is our general LVR parameter:
    • Residential security- up to 70 per cent
    • Commercial security- up to 65 per cent
    • Industrial security- up to 65 per cent
    • Undeveloped land security- up to 55 per cent
  • Your exit strategy (how you plan to repay the loan) There are several possible exit strategies our clients enact.
    • Refinancing
    • Sale of assets
    • Sales of stocks
    • Invoices for outstanding work
    • Use of working capital
    • Inheritance

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