Are you a property developer in search of a loan for your property development project? First-timers and experienced developers can reach out to us to facilitate funding for their next development project.

Whether it is a single or multi-dwelling unit, commercial skyscraper, or industrial property, we're here to support your property development finance needs.

Many commercial, industrial, and residential developments are held back because developers find it challenging to meet unrealistic financing requirements to gain approval. For that reason; we offer easy and quick processing on all our property development lending solutions.

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Commercial & Residential Loans

As a developer; you need someone that understands the construction industry. Your experience level, the type of property you'll work on, and the health of the economy are just some of the things that affect your financing requirements.

Are you looking to build a residential, commercial, or industrial building? Is the project more on subdividing land?

Lenders Often Categorise Property Development Finance Into Two:


Do you need a residential development loan? If so, you're planning on working on a smaller-scale development. This type of project often involves a maximum of four separate units. Although smaller than the other type, it can offer advantages, including less risk and lower charges and fees.


Does your project consist of more than four units? Then, you most likely require commercial property development finance. Developers who choose this route tend to work on massive projects, such as skyscrapers and a series of offices. Commercial loans, as you may have already guessed it, can be exhaustive and complex. You can borrow a much larger amount, but the interest rate can be higher depending on your level of risk.

In the development industry, time is money & we are ready to assist.

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Loan Types

Your Loan Application

When you apply for a loan directly at a bank or any organisation, your loan will be structured based on the final cost of the project. Other factors will be considered, as well, including your credit history, location, and type of development.

  • The lender can give you a certain percentage of the final project cost, not its end value. As the developer, you're expected to provide the balance.
  • You can also have your equity partners to help you out on the matter.

But How Much Are You Allowed to Borrow?

Once again, it's dependent on many criteria. For residential developments, lending is less stringent. On the other hand, more extensive projects, such as commercial developments, require a bigger percentage equity contribution (or a certain pre-sales level). It means you have to provide anywhere from 20 to 40 per cent of the funds based on the project size.

Development finance providers have their lending criteria, conditions, and terms. When calculating how much you should borrow for your project, consider the following:

  • The value of the land
  • Legal fees
  • Solicitors
  • Contingency costs
  • Total build expenses
  • Completion fees

We take pride in our unparalleled strategies that focus on assisting our customers. We provide a more tailored approach by looking at your unique financial situation and the upcoming project. In other words, we work with you and for you. We actively listen to your goals and needs while helping you out in mapping the best plan to find the best finance product for your development.

We have good working relationships with major banks, as well as independent private lenders. It's a much better choice than dealing with individual institutions on your own. Our job is to find a suitable loan product for you, so you don't have to. We do the legwork, from research to giving you a seamless experience in getting the funding you require.

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We simplify the process and assess everything to locate a suitable loan for your project

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Developer Finance Stages

Remember that development loans are not the same as a regular loan, including those for new builds. They are often offered in stages, which are finalised at the end of every building phase, namely:

  • Deposit
  • Base
  • Frame
  • Lock up
  • Fixing
  • Balance supplied upon the completion of the construction

Understanding the basics makes it easier for you to secure funding for your development project.

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