Whether you are the owner of a site with plans to develop, or you are considering purchasing a development site,
Quantum Finance Australia is ready to assist you by providing the development financing you require. Our professionals
at Quantum are keenly aware that in the development industry, time is money.

As with all of our funding at Quantum Finance Australia, we give our potential borrowers answers and
explanations right away, often within 24 hours.

At Quantum Finance Australia, we understand the more delicate points of site development, so we can work with our
borrowers to determine the most suitable loan structure and rates as well as critically view the property to check feasibility.

Why you need an expert in development finance?

Often borrowers mistakenly believe that all lenders are created equally.
On the surface, there may seem to be an even field of play, but a closer look often proves to show the opposite.
We realise that our clients involved in the development industry deal with tight schedules and every delay is costing
significant amounts of money. Additionally, the outlook of development changes frequently allowing no time to waste lest
the economic climate shifts costing our borrowers profits. That is why at Quantum Finance Australia we make fast
resolutions a priority. Most banks and larger lending companies drag borrowers along at a snail’s pace no matter what the
circumstances or time constraints the client may be experiencing.

Why not another type of loan?

Often a critical determining factor for the type of financing you need for a project depends on the kind of work you are planning.
We suggest roughly defining the kind of development work as one of three categories. Even though final lines may blur,
this helps us to work with our borrowers to find a fair finance option.

Three Classifications of Development: 

1 )
Light Refurbishment

This kind of development is generally limited to cosmetic changes as opposed to structural work. In addition to painting and drywall, work on improving floors, lighting, changing fixtures, or windows.

2 )
Heavy Renovation

This development work encompasses all facets of light refurbishment as well as structural elements. Various changes to the structure could include adding rooms, moving walls, electrical and plumbing work, or even partial razing and rebuilding of parts of the property.

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3 )
Ground-up Development

Borrowers who are considering this time of development, are either starting with a vacant lot or possibly a property where the structure is gone, and only the foundation remains.

A development loan can work well for any of these types of improvement. However, because you are not just a number to us at Quantum Finance Australia, our experts will go over your options to make sure you have the financing for your unique situation.

Are the costs exessive?

It is difficult to generalise as costs vary from project to project, but a typical cost range is 5 per cent pa to 15 per cent pa.
These figures depend, by in large, on the risks involved. We seek to provide an LVR of up to 80 per cent. We typically offer
development financing for properties from $1million to $50 million.

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How simple is the process?

  • Unlike banks, we will not subject your portfolio to cross collateralising which keeps more of your assets liquid and available.
  • We are prepared to arrange finance through all phases of the development
  • We can limit the mortgage security to the subject property.
  • The funding we arrange does not require an extensive personal screening with pages of boxes to check off. We focus on the project and the property when determining finance decisions.

Is it limited to one sector?

We offer our development financing to those in commercial,
industrial, retail, and residential development sectors.

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** Comparison rates are based on a loan of $150,000 over a term of 25 years. WARNING this comparison rate applies only to the example given. Different amounts and terms will result in different comparison rates. Costs such as economic cost and cost savings such as fee waivers are not included in the comparison rate but may influence the cost of the loan.

* Please note not all loan types are suitable for all applicants and the above rate is for general advertising purposes only. Please check the applicable rates are still valid with a Quantum Finance broker. Your full financial situation will need to be reviewed prior to acceptance of any offer or product