As with any financial decision, choosing a mortgage broker has a significant impact on the overall success of your loan. You want a brand that you can place your trust on and one that sees the value of your investment. This is precisely what Quantum Finance Australia is all about.

What Can We Do For You?

Being your mortgage broker means we work as the intermediary between you and the bank. Instead of you dealing with lenders and banking institutions, we take this step from you. This way, you get the home loan that is specially designed for you and your requirements.

All mortgage brokers indeed do the exact same thing. So, you may be wondering what sets us apart from your other choices.

Quantum Finance Australia is more than just a broker; we also serve as your private lending specialist. Experienced, motivated, and professional – these qualities are what define our organisation. We aim to continue to grow and bridge the gap in finding the best financing for our customers. We cater to a variety of individuals and groups, including entrepreneurs and businesses.

The Quantum Finance Advantage

Here at Quantum Finance Australia, we take our duties seriously. We work with borrowers and put together an accurate and thorough loan package to suit their needs. At the same time, we also strive to maintain strong and healthy relationships with lenders. This way, we can keep growing and provide the best options to all our customers.

We offer you plenty of reasons why you should pick us:

A Trusted Name

With over 15 years of industry experience, it is easy to see why customers turn to us. Quantum Finance has worked hard to understand the significant aspects of the finance industry. Throughout the years, we have gained the trust of thousands of clients.

We have also expanded our connections, including becoming a member of the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) and PLAN Australia. These memberships not only help us develop as brokers but also establish our business. The organisations mentioned bound us to uphold a high level of service to our customers.


Being a local company allows us to understand your needs better. We are just like your friendly neighbourhood business. Therefore, we care about Perth’s wellbeing and its future. And that includes YOU. We make it our mission to personalise the services and solutions we offer to people in WA.

Excellent Relationship with Lenders

Quantum Finance Australia is proud of the list of lenders in our network. It keeps growing, and we have currently amassed more than 40 key lenders. You can be sure you will enjoy unbeatable rates!

Our Lenders


Suncorp Bank

P&N Bank

Plan Lending

Pepper Money





La Trobe financial

Ing Direct



Commonwealth Bank


Bluestone Mortgages




The list goes on. We make sure that we are well-associated with lenders with an excellent reputation. Quantum Finance is privately-owned. Therefore, we will arrange loans for you from various banks and lenders. You can be confident that you will have great options to choose from. A huge bonus is that we work for you, so your credit file does not get damaged.

Quick and Easy

When it comes to financial assistance, no one wants to wait. Quantum Finance Australia is the only one that understands your need for quick turnaround time. With the right loan, you can get fast approval through a hassle-free process.

Do you have a tough loan that banks turn away from? If you are tired of sending applications only to get rejected, we are here for you. Quantum Finance will assist you in getting the most suitable loan. We help you execute an effective application that reputable lenders will approve.


We want to continue growing our customer base. It is why we ensure that all our clients leave with a smile on their faces. As your broker, we work with you to provide you with the best loan options. But we can only achieve it when we understand your requirements and goals. For this reason, we consider your needs above all else. Every situation is different, and we take into account all aspects to deliver the most excellent service you can ask for.

Quantum Finance Australia focuses on working out what you can afford. This way, you never feel stressed when it is time to make repayments. We believe that customers should learn how each loan option works. It is the best method for figuring out what will truly work for them.

Comprehending a loan is more than just looking at the interest rates and fees. Customers should also discover the features and other qualities of the loan. Our broad understanding of how each loan works makes it easier to provide you with an insight into your probable choices.

Are you ready to let us work with you? Call us today on 1300 813 113 link number, and we guarantee it is a decision you won’t ever regret.

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