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For instance, did you know that you can get a $25,000 cash grant when you build a new home? You need to see if you are qualified first. The blog post provides you with all the pertinent details about the HomeBuilder scheme from the Government.

We usually focus on Perth & Western Australia on our blog. If you are a first home buyer, you surely want to know how to save some cash. Perhaps read this post about the Housing Stimulus for Western Australians, which has the information you need to get up to $70,000.

If you plan to take out a home loan during the pandemic COVID-19, you may want to read this blog post first. It tells you how the lending industry has changed, and you may be among those affected, whether you are an investor, a lender, or a borrower.

For mortgage brokers, we give expert tips on maintaining your business even as you work from home. If you’re not sure what you are looking for, choose the topic you want from the Categories. We have news, tips, and other relevant information for both businesses and individuals.

Getting pre-approved will make your loan application easier.

Pre-Approval Tips to Secure Your Home Loan

The home loan application process is often lengthy. But it isn’t that complicated. It typically involves gathering and lodging the required documents to the lender you prefer. The lender will then make a preliminary assessment…
Town house deceased estate

Important Facts About Deceased Estate Sales

Dealing and managing a deceased estate is something many of us will have to face at some point in our lives. It can be a bit of a burden, but having some familiarity with what…
The door to the Quantum Finance Australia office.

Should You Refinance or Get a New Mortgage?

You’ve probably heard offers, such as “Lock in a lower rate if you refinance” or that you can save when you refinance now. Wherever you go, you will find these ads and claims about mortgage…
A piggly bank floating just staying above water.

Your Guide to Debt Consolidation

The debt-to-income ratio of Australian households is alarmingly high. Sources are saying that the country has the second-largest household debt in the world. And according to the Reserve Bank of Australia, the level of household…
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Your Guide to Emergency Funds

By now, you’ve probably heard about emergency funds and why you should have one. Is it really necessary? If it is, how much should you have and where should you put it? What about your…