If you are an aspiring or experienced property investor, there are important considerations in every real estate investment. Before making a transaction, you need to consider everything from the projected time value of money for your investment to economic factors that could affect it.

We educate you about the entire process of property investment and your financing options. In addition to learning about how to factor in economic issues, you can learn about topics such as using property management and insurance to protect your real estate assets.

Quantum Finance mortgage broker describing how to choose a lender

How to Choose a Home Loan Lender

Choosing the right home loan lender is crucial to securing a financial deal that aligns with your long-term homeownership goals. It’s a decision that goes beyond just finding the lowest interest rates—it’s about understanding the…
Gavin Harrigan pointing at a document showing current home loan industry trends

Home Loan, Property Market & Consumer Trends in 2024

With my extensive experience in the industry spanning nearly two decades, I’m here to guide you through the complexities of the current home loan industry, property, and consumer behaviour trends in Australia as we head…
Owning a home is a major life milestone, but it’s also a major financial commitment.

Should I Buy an Investment Property or a Residential Property?

Many people dream of saving and buying their first property. However, the nature of the first property purchase differs from individual to individual. One may opt to go for a residential property or an investment…
A mortgage is a loan used to buy a home.

Mortgage 101: How to Get a Mortgage

Updated: 22/08/2023 It is easy to feel a bit overwhelmed when you start thinking about buying a home or investment property and realise the housing market has changed. It seems interest rates are often in…
Out of all of Australia's major capital cities, Perth is the cheapest place to live.

Top 12 Most Affordable Places in Perth

Updated: 03/04/2023 Compared to bigger cities on the east coast, Perth is coming in a lot cheaper (at least for now), where the median house price is around $561,000. Sitting behind only Darwin on the list…
A happy family who just moved to their new home.

Strategies to Help You Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

If you are like most people, your home is your most significant investment. Property is a great asset, but repaying the loan can be a long commitment. One of the most frequently asked questions we…
Gavin working on a deal.

Tips for Evaluating Your Loan Offering

You may think that the first loan offer you see has unbeatable terms and rates. So, you want to grab hold of it immediately. There is often some urgency in wanted to get approved quickly.…
Town house deceased estate

Important Facts About Deceased Estate Sales

Dealing and managing a deceased estate is something many of us will have to face at some point in our lives. It can be a bit of a burden, but having some familiarity with what…

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