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Managing finances

The Best Tips to Help You Manage Money on a Low Income

In a perfect world, everyone can afford what they need and even have extra money to pay for luxury things from time to time. The reality is that Australia, just like all countries around the…
Australian suburb.

Property Market Forecast – Looking Ahead to 2022

The soaring prices of dwellings in Australia’s housing market has been hard to miss. Markets, in general, are displaying remarkable strengths, all of which points to a legitimate boom.
Overdraft letter

Bank Overdrafts Explained

When you open a bank account or have been a bank customer for some time, you may be offered an overdraft facility. Banks will tell you it’s a great feature that guarantees you don’t have…
House with backyard swimming pool.

How to Save on Your Mortgage Interest

Buying a home is an exciting event that many Australians look forward to achieving. In addition to being a solid investment, owning your home can be an overwhelming financial strain.
Under the New Home Guarantee scheme, first home buyers get a chance to pay for a new house with a five per cent deposit.

How to Buy Your First Home with a Small Deposit

The beginning of July 2021 was an excellent start for single parents and first home buyers. If you have been trying to save money for your first house, you are in luck this year. You…
Gavin working on a deal.

Tips for Evaluating Your Loan Offering

You may think that the first loan offer you see has unbeatable terms and rates. So, you want to grab hold of it immediately. There is often some urgency in wanted to get approved quickly.…
Gavin Hariggan, Quantum Finance

Increase Your Chances of Getting Approved for a Business Loan

Nearly all businesses require funds to get started. You lack the funds to bring it to life. Starting a business is a huge step that often requires huge capital investment. Like many entrepreneurs, you may…
Getting pre-approved will make your loan application easier.

Pre-Approval Tips to Secure Your Home Loan

The home loan application process is often lengthy. But it isn’t that complicated. It typically involves gathering and lodging the required documents to the lender you prefer. The lender will then make a preliminary assessment…