Miles Young

Miles Young

Miles has been involved with various components of international trade and finance. He currently works as a Mortgage Broker’s Assistant for Quantum Finance Australia.

Some of his credentials include:

  • Completing a Bachelor of Commerce;¬†majoring in Finance and Economics
  • Involved with projects such as microeconomics and analysing investments
  • Worked within market research
  • Involved with analysing and predicting cryptocurrency trends and prices
  • Collaborated with other clients (both corporate and individuals)

What’s Next?

Miles is aiming to become a fully fledged member of Quantum Finance Australia. He is seeking to prioritise more collaborations, as well as focusing on other monetary assets for various clients.

His work ethic is second to none. This, coupled with his impressive educational credentials, ensures there is a lot that Miles Young can do for our clients.

With a bright future ahead of him, he will undoubtedly add several more credentials and awards to his bio in the coming years.

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