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With over 13 years of experience in the financing industry, Dawn Brown built her sought-after expertise and thorough knowledge of banks and their services, including residential lending processes. She has worked with both small and substantial financing firms.

Her extensive work history encompasses multiple fields and divisions of banking. Some examples include: 

  • General customer service
  • Personal loans, home loan and credit card application writing
  • Credit assessment
  • Application processing
  • Residential business facilitator/coach for lending
  • Branch management
All of these roles assisted her in obtaining the in-depth knowledge and complete understanding of the lending process. With her experience, she can streamline and implement new business procedures while also developing new roles; because of this, she can increase application volume for employers and deliver exceptional customer service to each client.
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A Passion For Finance

After working in the banking sector, Dawn transitioned into the finance broker industry. She received a role as an assistant of a principal broker leading the home finance industry in Leederville. She utilised this position to develop secure relationships with managers in the business development management division for multiple mortgage brokers and lenders in the industry. These relationships have carried on to this day, aiding her and promoting the success  which is her work.

Positive Working Relationships

After developing positive working relationships with various brokers, she decided to extend her services to numerous financial experts, assisting them in saving essential time so they could continue growing their businesses and maintain existing relationships with clients. These brokers are immensely satisfied with her services and now Dawn works exclusively with Quantum Finance Australia.

Dawn Brown is a dedicated employee that treats every customer with respect and integrity. She is a welcome asset to the Quantum Finance team as she has tons of experience in many divisions of the finance industry.
Her vast business network guarantees she can help any business get amazing results. As an added benefit, her extensive management experience ensures a smooth application processand customer satisfaction.

Work History

  • Mortgage Brokers Personal Assistant at Choice Home Loans: May 2015 to Present
  • Branch Manager at Suncorp Bank: June 2011 to May 2015
  • Home Lending CSM (Customer Support Manager) at Westpac Bank: May 2009 to June 2011

Dawn Brown's Skills and Areas of Expertise

  • Cash management
  • Analysis and preparation of sales reports
  • Appointment management for staff and customers
  • Handing consumer and business inquiries from customers and managing lending applications
  • Management and leadership experience in multiple finance divisions
  • Financial coaching for businesses
  • Employee recruitment, training, coaching
  • Efficient application drafting featuring enhanced productivity in the financing process
  • Utilising over 13 different software systems to handle customer applications and inquiries; this includes experience with each piece of software in Microsoft Office
  • Manual and training document drafting
  • Business procedure management and development


The westpac local hero award
Four years service award sent to Dawn from Westpac bank
Customer Satisfaction award
Wespac Team Player award
Wespac High Achievers award nominee
Westpac Best Support Person Award
Wespac High Achievers award nominee

Certificates & Accreditations

At Quantum Finance Australia we are proud to have an over qualified team to ensure every clients needs and expectations are over exceeded in every aspect.

2016 - Kaplan Professional - Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking - Certificate

Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking

2006 - Westpac - Certificate III in Financial Services - Certificate

Westpac Certificate three in financial

2006 - Westpac - INTUNE Understand Uncertainties - Certificate

Westpac in tune, understanding uncertainties certificate

2006 - Westpac - INTUNE Needs Listening - Certificate

Westpac in tune needs listening certificate

2006 - Westpac - INTUNE Tailor course - Certificate

Westpac in tune tailor course certificate

2006 - Westpac - INTUNE Needs Questioning - Certificate

Westpac in tune needs questioning certificate

2006 - Westpac - INTUNE Intention - Certificate

Westpac in tune, Intention certificate

2003 - Smart Cover - Adventure and Premium Travel Insurance - Certificate premium-travel-insurance

Smart cover premium travel insurance certificate

2003 - Smart Cover - National Privacy Principles - Certificate

Smart cover national privacy principles training certificate

2003 - Smart Cover - General Insurance Code of Practice - Certificate

Smart cover general insurance code of practice

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