Harrison Leo

Harrison Leo is the newest member of the Quantum Finance team. He has always been interested in finance and business, which was why he took up Economics at a university. Harrison majored in Finance while his second major was Economics. During his final year, he had finance-related units, including Investment Analysis.

He later had a growing interest in the macroeconomic side of economics, which involved the allocation of resources on a government level.

Because of his educational background, he can easily help customers applying for a home loan. He understands the various types of investments. From there, he analyses the investment that best suits the customer based on their situation.

Currently, Harrison is studying for a diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management. He looks forward to becoming an accredited broker after he acquires his certification.

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Work Experience

Harrison worked at the Australian Tax Office taking incoming calls from taxpayers who were being audited. He would usually question them about their work to determine if it relates to the claims they made on their tax returns.

His job involved fairly high-pace work at the ATO where he took calls from new clients. There was a heavy workload working for the government.

Working with Quantum Finance

As a new member of the team, Harrison is excited to work with clients. It’s a considerable step working with Quantum Finance in building his networks. He knows he will learn from Gavin Harrigan, our Managing Director here at Quantum Finance.

For Harrison, a successful broker is someone that can provide a helpful answer to a client’s enquiry as quickly as possible. Industry experience is a must. He wants to come across as a relatable, accommodating, and an honest person representing one of WA’s top broking companies. Harrison is easy to talk to, an individual that clients can trust and has their best interest at heart.

His game plan is to ensure that the things clients say match the documents they provide. It is not about distrust; rather, it is for everyone’s benefit.

Harrison's goal is to acquire as much knowledge and experience as he can, especially in the mortgage broking industry and finance.

Harrison looks forward to the future and to hopefully have his own client portfolio one day.

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