Here at Quantum Finance Australia, we understand that there are situations where you need access to money quickly.
We work with numerous property developers, investors, and business owners to find timely solutions to pressing issues.
Often a payment to customs is needed right away, or an excellent investment opportunity will slip away without quick access to cash.
When the cost of the loan is less than the cost of not acquiring funds, our associates often recommend a caveat loan to meet a particular need.

What is a Caveat Loan?

A caveat loan is a charge over your property as a means to secure the debt.
It is similar to a mortgage and generally a simple and straightforward transaction.
This type of loan is useful if you own the property outright or if you are paying a debt because,
in most instances, a caveat loan can be behind the first mortgage on your property.

How a Caveat Loan differs from a Mortgage

The purpose of both types of loan is generally the same. However, a caveat loan is most helpful if you are in the position of needing money quickly.
You will spend much less time waiting on a caveat loan to complete than a mortgage. Additionally, our access to a large number of private funding sources allows Quantum Finance Australia to broker an excellent finance package geared towards your specific needs.

What are some advantages to Caveat Loans?

Our clients find that the caveat loans we facilitate have many built-in advantages over traditional mortgages.

  • This type of loan is faster than a traditional bank
  • Caveat loans have a higher rate of acceptance
  • Not many documents are required
  • We will work with you even if you have recovering credit
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What Documenttation do I need to apply for and get a Caveat Loan?

Here at Quantum Finance Australia, we can free you from many of the typical requirements of a bank or a large lending institution.
The loans we broker are from private funding sources. Aside from customary loan application and identification, the two most necessary docs are:

  1. Proof of ownership of property with a sufficient amount of equity
  2. A well thought out exit plan to repay the loan

What are Caveat Loans used to fund?

A caveat loan can help remedy various situations by making funds available to you. These instances include:

  • You need cash while an investment is pending
  • To make payments
  • Opening more locations
  • Hiring employees
  • Fresh advertising or marketing campaigns
  • As a way to pay for materials necessary for a project that you need post haste
  • Purchase stocks or other investments right away
  • Immediate property improvements
  • Customs payments to release goods
  • An urgent deadline that puts a non-refundable deposit at risk
  • When a financial need is higher than the cost of a caveat loan

Are Caveat Loans expensive?

Because the term ‘expensive’ is subjective, we prefer to say that a caveat loan generally will have higher interest rates than those rates found at a bank or a large lending institution. Our clients believe that the interest rate is a reasonable exchange for the quick availability of funding. Additionally, our clients who are losing money in fees, missing goods, or idle worksites, find a caveat loan a favourable resolution to a costly problem.

What role does Quantum Finance Australia play in my Caveat Loan?

Quantum Finance Australia associates will assist you through your entire loan process. As facilitators of your loan, we work diligently to match you with the most suitable loan option in the shortest amount of time possible. Your investment is not another number to our representatives; we focus on serving the needs of our clients. So, unlike big financial institutions, we provide personalised attention, customised solutions, and quick resolutions to your problem. Our experts are available to you throughout the loan process and beyond. We are happy to answer your questions and address any concerns.

What steps are a part of getting a Caveat Loan?

At Quantum Finance Australia, we do all we can to make the caveat loan process easy and efficient.

  1. Your first step is to call us or fill out our Quick Loan Enquiry Form. The form will not have a bearing on your credit file, and it also does not obligate you to accept any offer we might make to you.
  2. We will confirm your information and assess your situation. A valuation may be a necessity If this is the case the maximum of the loan is typically 70 per cent of the valuation amount.
  3. We will present you an offer.
  4. Should you find our terms agreeable, we fill out paperwork, and you will quickly receive your money.

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