At any point in life, we can all use financial tips. Improving your personal or business finances is an ongoing process that requires in-depth knowledge from educated and experienced professionals.

From tips on how to choose a good investment or loan, to tips about ways to save money or calculate your living expenses, we give you constant opportunities to make your life easier and take charge of your financial health.

Managing finances

The Best Tips to Help You Manage Money on a Low Income

In a perfect world, everyone can afford what they need and even have extra money to pay for luxury things from time to time. The reality is that Australia, just like all countries around the…
Overdraft letter

Bank Overdrafts Explained

When you open a bank account or have been a bank customer for some time, you may be offered an overdraft facility. Banks will tell you it’s a great feature that guarantees you don’t have…
House with backyard swimming pool.

How to Save on Your Mortgage Interest

Buying a home is an exciting event that many Australians look forward to achieving. In addition to being a solid investment, owning your home can be an overwhelming financial strain.
Gavin Hariggan, Quantum Finance

Increase Your Chances of Getting Approved for a Business Loan

Nearly all businesses require funds to get started. You lack the funds to bring it to life. Starting a business is a huge step that often requires huge capital investment. Like many entrepreneurs, you may…
Getting pre-approved will make your loan application easier.

Pre-Approval Tips to Secure Your Home Loan

The home loan application process is often lengthy. But it isn’t that complicated. It typically involves gathering and lodging the required documents to the lender you prefer. The lender will then make a preliminary assessment…
A piggly bank floating just staying above water.

Your Guide to Debt Consolidation

The debt-to-income ratio of Australian households is alarmingly high. Sources are saying that the country has the second-largest household debt in the world. And according to the Reserve Bank of Australia, the level of household…
Gavin from Quantum Finance Australia working from home.

How to Keep a Mortgage Broking Business Alive While Working at Home 

The pandemic coronavirus that we know as COVID-19 is putting a stop to the normal ways of people and corporations. It has affected at least 184 countries and territories. While the world carries on its…
Residential Perth from up above.

Are You Paying Too Much for Your Home Loan?

If your loan is more than four years old, the answer might surprise you. Currently, older loans have significantly higher interest rates, according to the Reserve Bank of Australia. These loans could be up to…

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